Saturday 17 September 2016

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Races and Results

Over the years there have been a number of fiercely contested local events such as the Perisher Cup and Balmain Cup plus classics such as the Paddy Pallin and KAC and across the whole spectrum of Alpine, Cross Country and Jump.  In recent times additional disciplines and event styles have emerged, in particular Snowboarding.

It is the aim of the Perisher Historical Society that this website be a warehouse for all things related to the area. These will published over time as they emerge.  The place results for nearly all the Perisher Cups are in hand and have been tabulated by Chris Brangwin (Munjarra).  This just means that they have to be loaded onto here.

Perisher Cup

The Perisher Cup started as a Perisher Valley inter-club team event and has been held every year for 63 years with a couple of misses due to lack of snow.  It is a peculiar if not unique event involving teams of four persons, each competing in three events - Giant Slalom, Cross Country and Jump.  The best overall team result is awarded the Perisher Cup with additional trophies Perisher Plate, Perisher Pot, Fastest on Mountain, etc.

While deadly serious at the top end, it is also very much a family fun social event as well.  The event is coordinated by the Perisher Resort and the Perisher Cup Organising Committee whose members are drawn from ski clubs in the area.  The Perisher Historical Society is a keen supporter.  It was a great success and competitor numbers are growing quickly with the support of SLOPES.

Click here for Last year's results 2014 published in full.

Get your club organised and form a team or perhaps join a composite team.

    RACE DAY 2016 - Saturday 17 September 2016

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Perisher Cup - Results 2014.pdf)Perisher Cup - Results 2014.pdfDetails of all competitors and teams309 Kb
Download this file (Perisher Cup - RESULTS 2013.pdf)Perisher Cup - Results 2013Results of all competitors & teams138 Kb
Download this file (PC 2012.pdf)Perisher Cup Results 2012Details of all competitors and teams143 Kb
Download this file (Perisher_Cup_Results_2011.pdf)Perisher Cup - Results 2011Details of all competitors and teams62 Kb