Perisher Valley Timeline

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It has been claimed that the Perisher Valley was named by James Spencer, who had settled in the area in the 1840s when he was caught in a storm.  His comment 'What a perisher' is probably apocryphal but it is a reasonable account of both the weather and the location.

Listed below are short notes on items of significance and interest.

1947 Rock Creek Hut was built as a halfway hut between the Kosciusko Hotel and The Chalet.  Construction commenced in 1938, suspended during War II, finished in 1947, destroyed by lightning in 1949 and re-built by Rock Creek Ski Club in 1959 using predominately the rubble from the site and the existing walls and fireplace.
Ed.  PHS has yet to authenticate that the building was struck by lightning a second time - watch this space.
1950 Kosciusko Snow Revellers Club - Temporary Hut, completed in December 1950.  The main lodge was completed for the October Long weekend 1953.  Argument for this being the first club building or not in Perisher will be presented in the forthcoming PHS publication on the history of the Perisher Range. Controversial?
1952 Telemark No 1 built and occupied for the winter (pre-fabricated and fully imported from Norway).
Johnny Abbottsmith operated a sleigh with a team of dogs from Smiggin Holes to Perisher Valley, which was Perisher’s first
oversnow transport.
1953 Johnny Abbottsmith retired his dogs and commenced Perisher Valley’s first motorised winter transport.
First Perisher Cup event held.
This is a team event comprising four skiers, each member of the team competes in three events - Giant Slalom, Cross Country relay and a Jump.  2016 marks the 64th running of the event. 
  At team of four skiers each competed in three events – Giant Slalom, Cross-county Relay and a Jump.  This year marks the 58th running of the event.
1956 The Oversnow Transport operation moved from Johnny Abbottsmith to Bob Strizek and another vehicle added.  This continued until the operation was acquired by Perisher Valley Enterprises for the 1962 winter.
1957 Edelweiss Lodge built for KG Murray’s personal use.
  The "Big Rope Tow" and Tow Hut built by Sverre Kaaten
  Johnny Abbottsmith’s "Village Tow" built between Kandahar and Snow Revellers lodges.
1958 Perisher’s telephone service connected.
1959 KG Murray’s initial major development of Perisher Valley.
  Building of Sundeck Hotel and first T-bar.
  Neville Gare, Superintendent Kosciuszko National Park 1959-1971 - Appointed
  Rock Creek Hut rebuilt and known as Rock Creek Ski Club.
1960 Sundeck Hotel burns to the ground and rebuilt in the same year.
  The Man from Snowy River Hotel built and opened.
  Electricity brought to Perisher Valley.
1961 Mt Perisher double chair opens.
1962 KG Murray purchased two Porsche snowmobiles for the Perisher Valley Hotels.
  Fritz & Margo Feiersinger open Marritz Alpine Inn.
  Stan McGuinn previously from The Kosciuszko Chalet moves to Perisher as CEO of the operation.
  Alan & Gwen Cooper (sister of Ken Murray) moved from managing the Sundeck to The Man from Snowy River Hotel.  Rated the most loved and respected hotel managers in Perisher’s history by guests, lodge people.  They stayed for twelve years.
  Kenny Rouse Village Band played at “The Man” three nights a week and the Sundeck for two.
1963 Ansett Pioneer moved into Oversnow transport operating Nodwell snowmobiles.
1964 The year of the big snow dump.
1965 Inaugural year of The Paddy Pallin Classic - Australia’s first cross-country ski classic.
  Roman Catholic Church opens.
  The Valley Inn opens. (Now known as The Perisher Manor).
1966 Andi Krallinger becomes Ski School Director who first worked under Fritz Halbwidl
1967 Mt Piper 42 metre Ski Jump built.
1968 NSW Ski Patrol Association formed November 1968 with four area patrols - Perisher Valley, Thredbo, Smiggin Holes and Guthega.
  Kosciusko State Park Trust changed its name to Kosciuszko National Park.
1969 Winter opening of the road from Smiggin Holes to Perisher Valley.
Swiss slope grooming machine arrives.
First snowmaking trials conducted.
Kurt’s Keller Restaurant opens to cater for growing skier numbers.
Ansett Pioneer pulls out of Oversnow transport which was then taken over by Cottrills Clipper Tours owned by Ron Deane. 
1971 Eiger Chalet opens its White Spider Restaurant.
1972 KG Murray Publishing Company is sold to Australian Consolidated Press.
This purchase included the commercial rights and leases for ski tuition, all the numerous lifts in Perisher Valley and the two original hotels (‘Sundeck’ and ‘The Man from Snowy River’).
New owner, Kosciusko Alpine Resorts, is formed, a subsidiary of Publishing and Broadcasting.
1973 Inaugural NSW Ski Association (NSWSA) formed taking over the administration of the sport of skiing in NSW from the defunct Ski Council of NSW.  The Association had committees to care for the individual interests of the various ski disciplines and regional zones - Perisher, Charlotte Pass, Thredbo & Smiggins (Guthega was the domain of the ACT Ski Federation).NSWSA was a member state of the Australian Ski Federation.
1976 Oversnow transport taken over by Hans Zollinger calling it Hans Oversnow and is still owned and operated by his son Ralph.
  The All Denominational Church opened by The Governor of NSW Sir Roden Cutler.
1980 Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter opened to become the centre of cross-country skiing in NSW.Additions in 2008 more than doubled its size.
1987 Mt Blue Cow begins operations
  Skitube begins operations taking passengers via the tunnel from the Alpine Way at Bullocks Flat to Perisher Valley.  The tunnel link from Perisher to Blue Cow was not quite finished and buses were used to run through the tunnel with a turntable employed to turn buses around for the return trip.  The Perisher to Blue Cow section was completed next year.
1988 Skitube officially opened by Mr Nick Greiner, Premier of NSW
1995 The separate operations of Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Mount Blue Cow, Guthega, The Station and the Skitube Railway merged under the single umbrella now known as Perisher.  It is the largest snow resort operation in the southern hemisphere.  It has the highest terrain, the greatest number of lifts and the most reliable snow in Australia.
2008 Perisher Ski Resort negotiated a new lease with the NSW Government for all four resort areas for another 60 years
2015 Vail Resorts acquires Perisher Ski Resort.